What’s Hidden: A family tradition

I asked my sister what was an event that our family loves, and she said Christmas. She said, “I remember waking up on one Christmas day and hearing some noises and I got really excited. I’m pretty sure it was Santa.”

We don’t have many secrets in our family but this is one that we hold close to our hearts. Having a 10-year-old sister who believe in Santa means the Christmas traditions in my family are the same as when I was younger. Each year she receives a reply from Santa, to the letter she leaves him along with the eaten cake for him and half eaten carrots on the front lawn for his reindeers.

The idea that Christmas revolves around Santa and all the family traditions that go along with that is not something my family is ready to give up. Even though my sister is now older than the age my brother and I found out Santa wasn’t real, we are trying to keep the tradition alive as long as we can, not just for her but for ourselves.

My mum hadn’t really given it much thought before but became quite emotional talking about the next phase of my sister’s life.

“If she was starting to question it and people were making fun of her for believing I would probably tell her but I don’t want to take that innocence and magic away from her before I have to. I think the day she does find out that Santa isn’t real will be a sad day. I guess we will still keep wrapping up presents and putting them in the Santa sacks, but the whole idea that you don’t need to put Santa sacks out anymore and there’s not that anticipation of excitement of seeing your faces the next morning when Santa delivers the presents will make it a very sad day in the family. Talking about it now I didn’t realise I would get so emotional but I guess it is the next step of your baby growing up and you don’t have that same connection with your kids as you do when they are little.”

Jean Racine said, “There are no secrets that time does not reveal”. It is inevitable that one day, the Secret of Santa will be no longer hidden in our family. When this time comes we will make new Christmas traditions that we will grow to love and cherish, but for now the magic of Santa will continue.



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