Digital Learning in Theory

Henry Jenkins who has done a lot of research on participatory culture and digital media established that digital education is not another subject for kids to learn. Rather, it is something that should be integrated into pedagogy. Schools need to operate more along the principles of collective intelligence and social networking.

Rather than learning taking place at different stages, your education is an INTEGRATED ECOSYSTEM, that continues you’re entire life. You are creating networks from the beginning of your education. Students and teachers are reaching outside their community (parents, educators from other schools, experts, businesses, etc.) to create a participatory platform to share information, advice and feedback.

Jenkins suggests that students need to be given the opportunity to seek information from multiple channels and work with a range of different people to pool knowledge and combine skills.

For example, Kids are learning to blog in primary school. Gaining feedback and recognition from a larger community than just the classroom. And it also introduces them to the concept of taking greater responsibility for the quality of information they circulate.

While many education systems are taking digital education on board there are still some negative options. I think that this fear of technology can sometimes come from a lack of understanding.

For my digital artefact I’d like to create a resource for parents, teachers and students that still don’t really understand digital education.

It will basically be a collation of all the information I’ve found. A space where I could link my blog posts, and includes the many videos, articles, etc. that I have found. I would also like to add and possibly review/recommend education games.


Banerjee, P & Bleson, G 2015, ‘Digital education 2.0: From content to connections’, Deloitte Review, Vol. 16, pp. 2-17.

Jenkins, H. (2016). Learning in a Participatory Culture: A Conversation About New Media and Education (Part Four). [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 May 2016].



2 thoughts on “Digital Learning in Theory

  1. Awesome idea for a digital artefact. It might be worth looking into/reviewing adult brain-training apps and games (like luminosity and elevate) to provide some substance and validity to why this digital trajectory is so effective. Also, slightly steering away from the educational focus you have – I think it’s really important not to forget the generations that are being left behind in such a fast paced, technological culture. I went to visit an old family friend the other day and they were telling me how they pay almost $350 a month to have their restaurant ad in the phone book, however was too intimidated by the cyberculture to create Facebook page or anything similar. I think a lot of people in her situation would greatly benefit from a resource such as the one you’re proposing, not only as an insight to what is being taught to the younger generations, but what they can also be taught and how to apply it.
    Looking forward to it!

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