Game Plan

This week I’ve created a Prezi which goes over the main details of the game. It covers the overall story of the game, rules, characters, and the platform the game will be created for.

Feel free to leave comments. Any questions, ideas or feedback on the game will be greatly appreciated!

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.20.44 PM


3 thoughts on “Game Plan

  1. The puns my dear! Brilliant!!!
    Your game plan seems really solidified, and I love the amount of thought you’ve put into it; creating an Egyptian ‘pyramid’ based game in order to reflect the food pyramid is great!!
    I liked your idea in Q4. of collecting pharoh clothes; perhaps you could have different types of clothes you can collect over time, eventually leading to avatar customisation. Perhaps the possibility of bonus clothes for sharing a fun fact with another game player, or choosing a question to send another game player where if answered correctly can win them both clothing items. (whoops, that merged into Qs 3-5 there..). Have you thought of having a time based element? So playing to race the clock; or a perfect score based prize? If they get things wrong too many times, will they have to play a time delaying minigame (ie. dodging lettuce balls rolling down the pyramid??). When the game is fully completed, you could unlock all these mini games for future play as well.
    Just a possible name idea: What’s for Dinner Mummy??
    Hope this helps!! Looking forward to seeing where this progresses.~

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