The Glass May Be Thick, But Our Hammers Are Strong

Each time women break through a glass ceiling they seem to be met by another one. This is relevant in the media with women more than often coming up short to their male counterparts. Gender inequality is evident in job opportunities, wages, and even physical appearances. Nevertheless there are many groups working towards closing these gaps.

Blog post, Women Directors: The Coming Tsunami’, by Rob Lowman discusses how and why women are suffering the in film industry. Lowman points out that even though women make up for almost half of the American work force, only a minute group of females work in Hollywood. Men significantly dominate the industry and whilst gender discrimination laws are in place, gender inequality is a continuing issue. This post features on Women Directors in Hollywood, a blog run by men and women who are passionate about achieving gender equality in the film industry. The sites blog posts discuss the issue from every angle and offer a space to praise the work of women in the industry. Education is key to understanding and solving issues. Blogs provide a simple way to reach masses, also allowing reader engagement to create discussion on relevant issues such as gender inequality.

‘Lights, Camera, Taking Action’ is a three part series for The New York Tomes which explores the movement of various women in media and entertainment industries fighting for gender equality. While the article makes it clear that primarily men rule the film industry, it discusses groups such as Gamechanger Films, the Sundance Institute, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media, and Women in Film, who are effectively working towards removing the barrier that is stopping women from succeeding. Author, Dargis, discusses the work of Dr. Smith, a researcher at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, at the University of Southern California who primarily works at collating data on the patterns of women working in the film industry. He also explores how these women’s activists groups; particularly Women in Film and the Sundance Institute have joined with Dr. Smith to further explore female directors and establish specific areas where improvements in gender equality need to be made.

The issue of gender inequality remains relevant however the works of these groups encourages a sense of hope for change. It will be a long and hard battle but women aren’t known to give up. The video below made by Buzzfeed presents a scenario where a woman effort at work equals exactly what she’s paid…only 78% of what her male colleague earns. Maybe the real solution is for all women to band together and work out 78%, and see how long the males last?


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