Research Project Proposal

For our third and final BCM240 assignment we are required to create a digital research project for a real stakeholder organisation. We can choose any topic and any stakeholder we like, as long as they relate to media audience and it will explore the ways that media audience research and spatial research interact. The data found will then be presented through a creative platform.

After a recent trip to the movies, I began thinking about the change of cinema experience due to technology. As I hadn’t planned what I was going to see, I lined up in the regular line, but I was the only one in it. Next to me was the online booking line, which was filled with about 10 people. 12 months earlier I was in the opposite situation, I had booked online and was grateful, as the regular line was full and I was the only person waiting in mine. Not only had we discussed the Australian film industry in the BCM240 lecture and tutorial this week but this change interested me, and it is something I would like to explore. Therefore, I propose the following research question:

Should Australian cinemas, such as Greater Union introduce self-serve movie check in machines?

As movies becoming easily accessible online, there is a significant decrease in movie attendance. To combat this issue, cinemas need to ensure they are using a fast and easy system for customers, whist maintaining a profit. Airports, supermarkets and department stores are among the first organisations in Australia to take on this idea of ‘self-serve’. I would like to propose the idea that ‘self-serve’ check in machines be introduced to cinemas. Greater Union, Australia’s leading cinema company, would be an appropriate and likely interested stakeholder.

I would suggest conducting focus groups as a qualitative research method. I would be interested in speaking to people who go to the movies, to see whether they prefer booking their tickets in person or online. It would also be worthwhile interviewing people who do and don’t already use ‘self-serve’ checkout machines, to see whether they like the system or not, and whether they would be interested in seeing these machines at cinemas.

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. They use a variety of elements such as colour, shapes, fonts, sizes, and maps to convey information quickly and clearly. As there is likely to be a large amount of information, an infographic would be a perfect medium for presenting the research.

Here is a video by Fast Company explaining the benefits of creating an infographic.


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