Better Screens But Bigger Prices

I love watching movies and I usually watch one or two a week. As much as I enjoy the experience of going into a cinema to see the most recent flick to hit the screens, I only go about once every two months. With our access to movies online, it is much easier and cheaper for me to watch a movie on my laptop. Though with this week’s task asking us to go to a cinema to watch a movie, I was more than happy to participate. Myself and three other friends have been waiting to see ‘If I Stay’ since we saw the trailer on Facebook a few months ago, so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to mix business and pleasure.

Urban planner Torsten Hägerstrand’s, established three categories of limitations that changed social planning. I reflected on these in my account of going to the movies. They include:

Capability – can I get there?

Coupling – can I get there at the right time?

Authority – am I allowed to be there?

Our initial decision was what type of cinema we wanted to see the movie in. None of us had been to gold class before and we all agreed to spend $28.00 for the extra comfort rather than the standard $16.50. We are all from the Sutherland shire and the closest gold class cinema is in Bondi Junction, so this made choosing the location easy. Gold class sessions are less frequent, therefore we only had three viewing times to choose from. We chose the 10am session rather than the 4pm or 7:15pm session as two of the girls had work in the afternoon. We decided one of us would drive; to save time and ensure we wouldn’t be late in case there were any delays with public transport.

As gold class has its own menu and bar with alcoholic beverages available, you must be 18+ or be accompanied by an adult to enter the gold class section. As all of us are over 18 this was not an issue. We opted to buy food from the regular movie stand, as it was significantly cheaper.

[Screen shot of seat selection at Events Cinema Gold Class, Bondi Junction]

[Screen shot of seat selection at Events Cinema Gold Class, Bondi Junction

As you can see in the picture above we chose the second last row in the middle section. As the seats are separated in twos, our group had to split up. Apart from us there were only 5 other people in the cinema. There are significantly less seats in gold class and the tickets cost more, therefore this was not very surprising. Nevertheless, we didn’t see anyone going into other cinemas. While Saturday morning may not be a popular time, there were still a lot of people shopping in the Bondi Westfield where the cinema is. Many articles agree that with the increase of online pirating, people are not even considering going to the movies. Movie ticket prices have increased so people are happier to see the same film for free if possible

As much as I enjoyed going to the movies, it is certainly more of a special occasion activity. As much as I prefer a movie screen to a laptop screen, it is too expensive to see movies regularly. I think for now, I will be sticking to movies at home. But on the rare chance I win the lotto, you’ll find me in gold class, once a week.


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