Hi…it’s me…again

This is my third introduction of myself on Procrastination Place and I feel like I’m in Inception, each introduction is a deeper look into my mind. Not really but they’re all a little different and fun (*cough* compulsory) so here it is.

As you may have already seen my name is Emily, and I am in my second year at UOW. I was originally studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media and a Bachelor of International Studies, however I dropped International Studies when I realised learning Spanish was a lot more about conjugating verbs and a lot less about eating tacos and doing the mexican hat dance.

To make it quick and simple, in no specific order I’ve put together a list of my top ten favourite things:

1. Movies

2. TV

3. Green vegetables (even Brussel sprouts)

4. Chocolate

5. Alcohol

6. Travelling

7. Online shopping

8. Music

9. Tea

10. When my parents put petrol in my car

This semester I am studying Global Networks. Each week I will be writing a blog post on the topics we discuss in lectures and tutorials and tagging them in the subject code #DIGC202.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts and see you back soon 🙂


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