Back to the Blog

After a long break from blogging, I am finally back!

For the newbies to Procrastination Place…Welcome! My name is Emily, and I am in my second year of a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies at UOW. I am majoring in digital media and international communications.

This semester I will be blogging for BCM240 – Media, Audience and Place. During the first lecture we explored audiences and what they do with media and more importantly where they access media. There are two types of audiences, those that are visible, e.g. a crowd watching a theatre performance and those that are invisible. The latter was explained as people connecting with media individually. By using your phone on a train you are an audience of media but your engagement is not necessarily shared with others.

As I live in Sydney, I watch the majority of my lecture online. While listening to lecturers Kate and Sue explain a media space, I realised I was currently in one. It is the space in which an audience connects with media, and for me, it is in bed with my laptop on my lap.

Laptop in bed is the only way to do it

I will start watching a tv show on my laptop, then I will pick up my phone and check instagram, and then unlock my iPad to see if I’ve gained any lives in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (embarrassing I know, but too addictive to stop). My room is where I can connect with media, a social space in a personal space.

This semester by bedroom will become my workspace for the BCM240 blog posts. I hope to see you back and that I can provide you with some procrastination worthy posts to distract you from your own work!


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