My Time in BCM111

Travelling the world is one of my passions so I was excited to start BCM111 this semester. Although I understood communications occurs on a global scale, BCM111 looked further into this idea, exploring different forms of communications across the world.

By gaining an understanding of globalisation in the first few weeks, it became clearer how connected the world is. Hip-hop, film, television, news and other mediums of communication are prime examples of globalisation, as each has developed by working on an international scale. Although globalisation has had positive and negative features, it is undeniably a key aspect of media and communications.

I have surprisingly enjoyed the weekly group presentations. In previous subjects, I felt as though group presentations have not helped me in understanding content. BCM111 however, offered interesting and fun topics, therefore I felt as though people put a lot of effort in presenting relevant and stimulating material. The presentations often helped me understand many things I couldn’t comprehend from the lectures or readings. They also gave me ideas and material for my blog posts.

My topic, ‘Television and the emergence of new media capitals’ was completely new to me, as I had never really thought past ‘Hollywood’. Through studying Hong Kong and India, I discovered what a large role Asia plays in media. Through the influence of West, Eastern industries are merging themes and values from both cultures to produce content appropriate for an International market. Not only are these new media capitals growing but advancing above Hollywood as the most powerful media capitals.

Looking back on my time in BCM111 I can definitely say that it has not only helped me with my degree but also given me a greater understanding of how the world is connected. I can appreciate the importance of cultural knowledge to gain a clearer understanding of globalisation and more specifically the direction in which media and communications is heading.


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