World Wide Film


  • Originated in what is know as the Golden Age > 1927 – 1963
  • 80% of films are produced by hollywood


  • Originated in Mubai
  • Slow initial growth > 1920’s – 1940’s
  • Most included mythological and fantasy themes
  • 1947 > social reformist films are considered the ‘new-wave’
  • 1950’s > themes and stories focused on lower classes
  • Stories focused on feeling rather than literal meaning


  • High profile names to attract attention
  • Actors take a large percentage of overall film budget (up to 40%)
  • Similar plot lines and story ideas


  • Asian story lines less clear
  • Hollywood films are shown more often and to a wider variety of places
  • Strong focus on cultural values in Asian films



  • Australia’s film and media industry is largely ‘Americanised’
  • Most Australian films are government funded therefore the Government controls the themes and messages
  • Economies of scale > cannot afford big budget films
  • Censorship of culture > Government limits Australia ideas/cultural values in films



  • Orientalism
  • Internationalisation through film to create identity after WWII
    – E.g. Godzilla combined Eastern and Western themes and cultures (Hybridisation)
  • Transnational > Hollywood influenced by Asian films
    – Ringu (Japanese) influenced The Ring (Hollywood)
    – A Fistful of Dollars > recreated in Hollywood using Cowboys instead of Samurai’s

the ring


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