Blogging has been a very new experience for me, beginning as an amateur. Throughout this course not only have I developed my online profile but have learnt how to develop my own opinions on convergent media practices. With the study of multiple media platforms, in particular, Tumblr and current media issues, I feel as though I have developed a thorough understanding of how the media, audience and technology connect in today’s society.

Surprisingly my favourite blog of BCM112 was ‘Copy, Paste, Arrest’, a post exploring the current issue of copyright. Not only did I find this topic interesting but discovered how I should be legally using the internet. This particular post contains accurate and updated statistics as well as official legislation, giving the writing credibility. The video added was not only relevant to my platform Tumblr, but was presented in an entertaining manner.

My week 7 blog post, ‘Lost in Transmedia’ explored the concept of transmedia. The rewording of a movie title (Lost in Translation), that used transmedia worked as a perfect play on words capturing my readers. The example of Transmedia I used, the Teen Wolf Project, is not only relevant for my generation but perfectly exemplifies this idea of transmedia.

Finally, my blog post, ‘Behind the Lens’, captured the concept of citizen journalism in a simple but informative manner. Using recent events such as Hurricane Sandy and relating it to twitter hashtags engage readers engaged to known material. The pictures not only visually capture audience attention by complement my arguments of the positive and negative affects of citizen journalism.

All in all, I have found this experience of running a blog very educational, not only for this course but as a user of the internet. The topics we have covered have offered me a diverse understanding of the media and through blogging I have been able to form and voice my own opinions.


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