As a child I always attempted to keep a diary, however it never lasted longer than a week, so when we were told we were to run a blog, I panicked. I was not so much worried about using WordPress but rather writing and posting something EVERY week. It’s the worst nightmare for procrastinators like myself who think “oh, I’ll do it later!” which was definitely something that wouldn’t work for this assignment.

I have in fact surprised myself. With the guidance of our lectures and tutorials I have kept up this blog and truly enjoyed it. When I find something interesting my motivation instantly sky rockets and that was the case with BCM110. As this is my first year of uni, I had no idea what to expect of my subjects, hoping I’d made the right choices. It’s safe to say I have.

This subject has offered me an understanding of the media from a whole other perspective. I have learnt over the past 6 weeks, that the media is interpreted in multiple ways. My understanding of its effects and the idea of ‘ownership’ have allowed me to critically analyse and question how the media works in society and the role we play as an audience. With the idea of ‘being independent’ at university I have found WordPress extremely beneficial. The ability to read other student’s blogs has helped me understand particular topics, allowing me to create my own interpretations. The comments received were not only encouraging but also gave me confidence as an amateur writer.

Although sometimes stressful, I think my blog has contributed greatly to my understanding of media and communications. Don’t think this is the end of ‘Procrastination Place’; my online contributions to the World Wide Web are only just beginning.


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